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Shower Replacements That Lasts a Lifetime

 Re-Bath of the Triad has been designing and installing shower replacements for decades. We use beautiful quality materials and craft shower remodels that last for life. Many of the showers we are asked to replace were improperly installed and have caused some water damage to the walls and flooring under the shower.

Two Big Problems with Tile Showers

Tile showers were the norm for many years. Tile was the technology of the day and it’s what everybody expected. Tile showers were flexible because they could be built to any size. Cheap tile and cheap labor was an economical solution that builders loved. However, tile showers had two big problems: one, the system used to build the shower base, and two, the grout, which cracked in the corners and leaked. The shower was only as good as the person who installed it, and even then house settling would compromise the installation.

The Shower Base

A tile shower base is constructed over a plywood subfloor with stacked 2 x 4s for a threshold. A vinyl pan liner is laid into the base. The corners, where the liner bunches up, are the trickiest part. Once the liner is set and attached to the drain, cement is poured into the base cavity and troweled into place. The installer must trowel the cement to the appropriate slope so the water runs into the drain and doesn’t puddle. As you can see, this is a tricky installation and the quality of the job is dependent upon the skill level of the installer.

The biggest problem with tile shower bases is that from outwards appearances, the tile may look fine and you won’t see evidence of a serious problem below the surface. Most of the tile shower bases we have torn out looked fine, but had been leaking for a while and rot and mold was present. If the shower is on the second floor, a stain on the ceiling below is a good indicator that there is a problem. But, if the shower is on the first floor over a crawl space and a water leak goes unnoticed over a period of time, the leak will cause significant structural damage and serious mold problems.

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The Common Problems With Tile Showers: Leaks, Mold, and Rot


The Tile Grout

The other problem with tile showers is grout. Grout is porous and must be sealed often to prevent water and soap scum from penetrating. Grout is not flexible and if the house settles, the grout will crack and water will leak through. In addition, grout is high maintenance and requires frequent cleaning.

“No Problem, Never Leak” Shower Remodeling

The ReBath shower remodeling system solves both of these problems. Here’s how:

The Re-Bath Replacement Shower Base

We use a one-piece shower base with flanges and an integral drain made from acrylic or Dura Bath SSP. The shower bases can be ordered to any size with custom drain locations. So, if you have a uniquely-sized tile shower, we can order a base to fit your exact size with the drain location where your drain is now, which means the drain line will not have to be moved to fit the new base. The flanges fit behind the wall system, which eliminates the possibility of water leaking at the seam where the walls meet the base. The drain is molded into the shower base at the factory to guarantee a watertight fit for the drain fitting.

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One-piece shower bases

The molds made at the factory assure the correct slope towards the drain eliminating the problem of water pooling in the corners.

The Shower Remodeling Wall Surround System

walk-in shower replacements Greensboro NCOur wall system is made of DuraBath SSP, a step above acrylic. The wall surround system comes in panels that reach from the floor to the ceiling and require no grout. The shower enclosure panels are available in a wide assortment of designs, patterns, and colors. The fact that our walls don’t use grout means easy cleaning. Our tile patterns are so real, people can’t tell the difference.

Most water damage around wall systems occurs where the side of the tub meets the wall system. Our wall surround system wraps down over the side of the tub and creates a watertight seal, which prevents water damage.

Each shower wall panel is a solid piece and does not require any unsightly moldings or trim pieces.

We recommend a ceiling panel to complement the ReBath wall system. Steam from a shower is hard on ceilings, but a coordinating a ceiling panel will protect your ceiling from water damage and mold. Never paint the ceiling above your shower again.

The Re-Bath Warranty

shower replacements Greensboro NCWe are so confident of the Re-Bath Shower Remodeling System and our employees who install it that we guarantee it for life.

Call us today for a FREE In-Home Design Consultation and Estimate  for your shower remodel and we’ll design a beautiful replacement shower for you in the comfort of your home. Our local Triad Design Consultants in Greensboro NC have designed thousands of bathrooms and may come up with an idea or two you hadn’t thought of.

What do you have to lose except your old leaky tile shower?


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